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JKUAT IT CENTRE is an Information Technology Centre situated in the prestigious Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology campus in Juja.

The use of Information Technology (IT) is pervading all spheres of work in industry, private sector and public institutions. It is in response to this need, therefore, that the JKUAT-MMS was borne. Each entity brings to the collaboration, a unique aspect that is changing the business information sector in Kenya.

Hands on skills are imparted during training to allow students attain marketable know how.

JKUAT has always been able to envision and embrace new ideas. Information Technology has changed the way we transact business in every sphere of life today. Administration of some of the most complex systems has become easy courtesy of the ease of diverse and integrated systems available today. This means that inexpensive ways of improving day-to-day performance of the industrial work becomes a reality. Here at JKUAT IT Centre, we train, young men and women, to go out and make the difference in the Kenyan market. The training is skills based, ensuring that the graduates of our program compete with their counterparts from 'developed countries'. This enhances the quality of products and services delivered at any given time. We have therefore continued through academic programs such as CISCO, to provide up-to-date training.
It is therefore with great pleasure, that I welcome you to the presence of Africa's finest technological university on the web. We can no longer afford to be accorded a position that is rightfully not ours - third world. No, we must move forward, our minds have the potential and capability of making the difference in this age. I look forward to your enrollment and support in making this venture a success story for the world.

For Admission contact


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Juja-Main Campus
Located 36 Kilometres from Nairobi
P.O Box 62000-00200 Nairobi
Telephones: + 254-06752711
FAX: + 254-0672164
email: info@jkuat.ac.ke

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